Our Projects

Sabre Demolition

Kings River Pipeline


Fresno, CA


$1.2 Million

The King’s River Site was located just south of Fresno, CA in the Riverdale, CA area.  Sabre was contracted to perform asbestos abatement and removal of over 9,300 linear feet of pipeline, the removal of an abandoned tank and the demolition of the pipe trusses which allow the pipelines to cross a former river bed.  The pipes had been sagging and were required to be removed from the river bed by local regulators. Of the 9,300 linear feet of piping, 9,000 linear feet was underground. The pipelines and tanks were abated, investigated/inspected, and cleaned.  Once cleared, the demolition was conducted via conventional methods.  The pipelines that were sagging as they crossed the former ravine were supported utilizing wooden cribbing techniques to provide a safe demolition area.